Open Up

Royal Opera House, London

Open Up

An updatable projection platform showcasing a poetic film exploring performances and backstage activities.

NewAngle acted as a consultant on the Royal Opera House’s ‘Open Up’ project, aimed at making this esteemed institution feel accessible to all.

For the projection, located in the foyer, we produced a highly artistic presentation that illuminates the broad range of activities at the Royal Opera House, as well as showing donor and supporter names.

We worked with the Royal Opera House to create a film that explores the performances on stage and what happens behind the scenes. A choreographed sequence takes a look at the processes and rhythms of making – rehearsal, performance, design, building, lighting, costume and make-up.

An off-the-shelf content management system was proposed with four 4k projectors and multi-speaker set up, providing a cinematic format this is updatable.

In September 2021, we installed a re-purposed version of the film for a new configuration format of eight 55″ LED screens.