Immersive Experiences

No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath

Immersive Experiences

Visitors are taken on a journey back in time to Georgian Bath to experience unique and captivating stories.

NewAngle collaborated with exhibition designers PLB Ltd to produce three new and exciting experiences. Using projections and cleverly disguised monitors and speakers, visitors are guided by film and 3D soundscapes through this stunning and beautifully preserved house.

Main Experience

NewAngle produced an experience, to be featured permanently in the house, which gives visitors the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a Georgian family and their servants during the all-important social season.

Conversations and discussions between the family and their servants can be heard, as they talk about politics, the running of a Georgian house and the anticipation of a ball taking place that evening, at which the young daughters of the family seek a husband.

  • To create this story we filmed actors in period costume...

Jane Austen Experience

NewAngle also produced an additional experience celebrating Bath’s annual Jane Austen festival.

The Jane Austen experience features passages from her novels highlighting the activities and social norms of Britain from 1790 to 1820. Actors question the thoughts and feelings of those who may have inhabited the house during this time and deliver a modern depiction of extracts from her novels.

Christmas Experience

The final experience produced by NewAngle was made to be shown during the Christmas period and is a rousing insight into typical Georgian festivities.

Told through twelve tales guiding visitors through the house. Using voiceover, stock footage, archive imagery, 2.5d animation and 3D soundscapes, the house is transformed into a festive celebration for all ages to enjoy.