Jubilee: A View from the Crowd

Historic Royal Palaces, Kensington Palace, London

Jubilee: A View from the Crowd

An immersive installation recreating the atmosphere at Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 1897.

This temporary exhibition looking back at the celebrations of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee was designed by ACME Studios and featured an innovative video installation by NewAngle.

Our piece used several projectors to illuminate a large sculptural form made up of hundreds of gauze strips hung in the shape of a diamond. Visitors could walk among the strips to view a specially constructed animation.

A combination of motion graphics and purpose-shot footage was used to recreate the parade of colonial forces from across the Empire, featuring Queen Victoria and the crowds in silhouette. Everything was then showered in celebratory red and blue confetti.

The installation, augmented by a 3D soundscape, gave visitors a sense of what it must have been like to be amongst the onlookers celebrating in the streets as Queen Victoria passed by in her carriage.