Energy Exhibition

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), Saudi Arabia

Energy Exhibition

State-of-the-art interactive and AV exhibits help children learn about energy, science and technology.

NewAngle produced more than 40 interactive and AV exhibits for the Energy Exhibition, a space aimed at inspiring interest in science, technology and engineering, particularly among 7–14 year olds.

Dual-language (Arabic/English) exhibits show the work of Saudi Aramco and put oil and gas operations in the context of a sustainable energy model. The focal point is a spectacular 24-screen, 12-player interactive game that replicates the control centre in a petroleum company. Here players learn about oil production, refining and distribution through fun games played on touchscreens.

In the ‘Terrascope’ pod, groups are taken on a dark-ride, surrounded by media, audio and deep-base vibrations. The film takes them down into an oil well before dramatically navigating back to the surface.