Atturaif Living Museum

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Atturaif Living Museum

Engaging exhibits and audio-visual displays bring to life the trade, art and culture that were central to the birth, growth and dramatic end of the First Saudi State and its capital.

For the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Atturaif, NewAngle developed 40 dual-language exhibits for six individual museums, including ultra-wide format films, soundscapes, interactives, games and detailed 3D animations.

One exhibit features a 25m video wall running the entire length of the Visitor Centre, immersing the viewer in the historical and cultural significance of Atturaif through a combination of original animation, purpose-shot footage, archive video, post-production effects and a 3D soundscape.

Across the site, NewAngle also made several videos that use 3D models, motion effects and original illustrations to tell the story behind the objects on display. For example, a horse skeleton transforms as visitors approach its glass case, revealing a photo-realistic, fully animated, 3D projection of an Arabian horse and tells the story of the breed.